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You are a Were-Wolf!

60% wolf, 30% rat, 30% horse, 50% tiger, 30% leopard, 40% fox and 20% bear!

You are a Were-Wolf!

Wolves are predators, but unlike many predators they are also pack animals.  Legend has them as being the original were animal.

Wolves are very expressive.  They have distinct faces they make that are easily read to show what they are thinking or feeling.  They use facial and body language as well as yips and yowls to communicate exactly what they want.

Wolves are dedicated to their mates.  They will groom each other, travel together, and sleep side by side.  They also join their scents so that other wolves know that they are taken.  Wolves in a pack protect one another.

As a were-wolf you will be on the hunt for as many as 20 miles, but you won’t have to hunt alone.

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2 Replies to “Je suis un…”

  1. You are a Were-Tiger!
    70% tiger, 40% wolf, 20% horse, 40% rat, 30% leopard, 40% fox and 10% bear!

    Tigers are definitely predators. They love to hunt and mostly hunt at night. They are also, for the most part, solitary animals, but they will definitely share a kill with other tigers.
    Tigers don’t live by set rules. Sometimes they avoid each other, sometimes they will work together to kill. They don’t like feeling boxed in and will make sure that others know their territory.
    Tigers are monogamous, but they don’t have to be around their mates all the time. They meet up when the mating instinct hits them.
    As a were-tiger you are going to be hunting during the night. You’ll definitely be going after live prey and enjoy every minute of your hunt.
    Happy hunting!

  2. Aaaaaaaaahhhh !
    Chuis un RAT !
    Je veux pas être un rat ! Léopard, tu m’entends, LÉ-O-PARD !
    (Ben oui, y’a pas Chat… Je détesterais pas être un Smoke-garou…)

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